Reed instruments

Clarinet (Chalumeau)

Instrument without keys, with a cylindrical bore, inspired on the less known baroque "chalumeau". Size and fingering of the Clarinet are comparable to those of the soprano (descant) recorder. We manufacture the clarinet dyed black or in a natural surface finish. The range of the instrument is a ninth.   

Key: C (Scale: c1-d2).

Price:.....3 250,- CZK

Term of delivery: about 1 month


Renaissance double reed instrument with a reed-cap. The narrow cylindrical bore lends it its gentle chamber tone. If the damper (bell cover) is removed the sound becomes louder. Applied material: steined maple.

We manufacture these models tuned to a1 = 440 Hz:

Soprano - without key (c1 - d2)...6 900,- CZK

Alto - 1 key (f - a1).....9 300,- CZK

Tenor - 2 keys (c - f1).....12 200,- CZK

Spare reed.....400,- CZK

Term of delivery: 6 - 8 months

Shawm with reed-cap (Rauschpfeife)

The construction of this instrument is inspired on preserved period instruments of the 16th century. The range of the instrument is 1,5 (partially chromatic) octave. Material: maple, dyed dark brown or with a natural surface.

We manufacture shawms with a wide bore, a loud sound, and a cane double reed (Arundo donax).


in F (f1-bb2).....8 200,- CZK

in C (c1-g2).....10 200,- CZK

Spare reed..........400,- CZK

Term of delivery: 5 - 6 months.