Reconstruction of an extinct woodwind instrument, which could be found in the cabinet of instruments as late as the 17th century, as is testified by many iconographic and literary sources.

The instrument has a reed-cap, which at the same time serves as an air reservoir, allowing a so-called continuous tone during playing. Instead of using the original material - a tanned pig's bladder - we manufacture this reed-cap in fine leather. The instrument is furnished with a single beating reed and it has a diatonic scale in the range of a ninth.

Key: C major (Scale: c1 - d2; a1 = 440 Hz).


Straight pipe:......5 800,- CZK

Spare reed:.....400,- CZK

Term of delivery: 5 - 6 months. 

Bladder-pipe with a drone

Reconstruction of an instrument, after an illustration in the 13th century Spanish manuscript "Cantigas de Santa Maria". Its diatonic scale has the range of a ninth. The accompanying drone sounds in the same octave as the melody pipe, and can be tuned one tone higher to enable playing in a Dorian or minor key.

C major (Scale: c1 - d2, Drone: c / d; a1 = 440 Hz).

G major (Scale: g - a1, Drone: g / a; a1 = 440 Hz).


Pipe with drone C major........9 200,- CZK

Pipe with drone G major......10 200,- CZK

Spare reed......400,-CZK

Term of delivery: 7 - 8 months.