Historical bagpipes

Moldánky - four-voiced bagpipe

This instrument was used in the 17th and 18th centuries. M. Praetorius mentioned it - under the name of "Dudey" - and it can be found in numerous iconographic sources (a.o. in paintings by Flemish masters). Two specimens have been preserved in Czech museum collections.

The melody pipe has 9 finger holes, which enable the playing (in closed fingering) of a diatonic scale in the range of an octave with the minor third (second thumbhole). The three drones are inserted in one common stock.

The narrow bore of the pipes and the single reed give the instrument a quiet, chamber sound. The air reservoir is manufactured from smooth natural hide (without hair). The instrument is furnished with a bellows. In accordance with the surviving museum specimens and iconographic sources the wooden parts are furnished with bone ferrules, or decorated with pewter (tin) inlay.

Key: G major (Scale: f#-g1 ; Keys of drones: G-d-g). Other possible keys:

G minor, A and F major / minor.

Individual price, according to instrument execution

Term of delivery: 14 - 16 months.

Mediaeval bagpipe

Archaic form of an instrument that could be found throughout almost all of Europe, and the depictions of which have survived in numerous historical documents.

The melody pipe has 8 finger holes, which enable the playing of a diatonic scale in closed fingering, or a partially chromatic scale in open fingering (similar to that of a Baroque recorder).

The drone is tuned 1 or 2 octaves below the basic tone of the melody pipe, with the possibility of tuning it 1 tone higher, and enable playing in a Dorian or minor key. In the case of two drones, the second sounds either a fifth or an octave higher than the other.

The pipes have a cylindrical bore. Single reeds with a beating tongue serve as tone generators.

We furnish these instruments with bellows in order to keep the reeds dry and enable a more stable intonation and easier playing. The air reservoir is made from natural hide (without hair). For the wooden parts we use either maple or pear.

Key: C major (Scale:  c-d1).

Individual price, according to instrument execution

Term of delivery: 14 - 16 months.