Mediaeval instrument, member of the flute family, made from the horn of European or African cattle. Due to the wide inner cone its tone resembles that of an ocarina.

We process and polish our Gemshorns carefully. The block is made of water resistant cedar. To enable  it to be played in consort, we manufacture this instrument in different sizes. The Sopranino has a chromatic scale in the range of an octave, the other instruments have a chromatic scale in the range of a ninth. Tuned at a' = 440 Hz (on request 465Hz, 415Hz or 392Hz)

Prices, including a fabric cover and a fingering chart:

Sopranino: F (Scale: f'' - g''').....2 980,- CZK

Soprano (Descant): C (c'' - d''').....3 900,-CZK

Alto (Treble): F (f' - g'').....5 600,- CZK  

Tenor C (c' - d'')......7 100,- CZK

Bass F (f - g')......10 800,- CZK

Subbass C (c - d')......15 900,-CZK

Term of delivery: 6 - 8 months

Sound preview - plays P. MgA. Mgr. Jaroslav Konečný: