Recorders, model "Preludium"

Modern "baroque" model recorder, tuned at a1 = 442 or 415 Hz with an arched flue (wind-way) and lip. The flutes have a pleasant sound and an easy attack across the entire range. Each instrument is individually fine-tuned manually.

The flutes are manufactured from selected local wood types, especially maple, hornbeam, and cherry, and they are treated with boiled linseed oil against moisture. Their surface is finished with a polished hard wax.

Prices, including a fabric cover:

Soprano (Descant) a' - 442 Hz

Local woods..... 3 050,- CZK

Exotic wood..... 3 650,- CZK

Alto (Treble) a' - 442 Hz

Local woods.....5 700,- CZK

Exotic wood.....6 500,- CZK

Term of delivery: cca 3 months

Soprano (Descant) a' - 415Hz

Local woods......6 800,- CZK
Exotic woods......7 500,- CZK
European boxwood....8 400,- CZK

Alto (Treble) a' - 415 Hz

Local woods.....10 350,- CZK
Exotic wood.....12 000,- CZK
European boxwood.....14 200,- CZK


Term of delivery  a = 415 Hz: cca 4 months